Fun And Effective Soccer Shooting Drills

Soccer Shooting Drills
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Check out these fun and effective soccer shooting drills that you can use in your next coaching session. Shooting, like any skill in soccer, takes a lot of practice to master. Soccer shooting drills can help players refine their shooting skills while having fun at the same time. Below you will find many free soccer shooting drills for practicing a range of shooting skills and techniques.

Fun Soccer Shooting Drills

Here are all of our soccer shooting drills that you can use in your youth soccer coaching sessions:

2v1 Soccer Drill

2v1 To Goal

In this simple 2v1 soccer drill players get plenty of opportunities to shoot and make basic tactical decisions as they outnumber their opponent. Adding a counter goal for the defender also encourages maintaining possession of the ball after successfully winning…
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4v2 soccer drill

4v2 To Goal | Shooting Drill

Like a classic 4v2 Rondo, this shooting activity helps players work on their passing & receiving skills as well as their 1st touch but with the added bonus of shooting! By using defenders in this drill you can look to replicate more game realistic shooting scenarios so players can transfer their skills to the weekend game.
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1v1 Soccer Drill

Attack And Score

In this realistic 1v1 shooting drill, players must work their way around a defender to try and get a shot on goal and score! This activity helps develop dribbling skills, shooting skills, defending skills. and goalkeeping skills.
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Soccer Drill - Attitude To Shooting

Attitude To Shooting

In this fast-paced and frenetic small-sided game, players work on their first touch and developing a positive attitude to shooting and taking chances. Drill: Attitude To Shooting Set Up The Drill Set up a 30×20-yard grid with a goal at…
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Soccer Shooting Drill

Lightning Soccer Game

The lighting soccer game is a super fun soccer drill for practicing shooting and everybody’s favorite shooting game to play at practice. In this drill, players will practice shooting at speed and reacting to the outcome of the shot. Read on to learn how to play the lightning soccer game.
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2v2 Soccer Drill

Turn And Shoot

In this 2v2 turning game, players get the opportunity to practice receiving the ball under pressure with their back to goal before executing their favorite turn to beat their opponent and score!
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