4v2 soccer drill

4v2 To Goal | Shooting Drill

Like a classic 4v2 Rondo, this shooting activity helps players work on their passing & receiving skills as well as their 1st touch but with the added bonus of shooting! By using defenders in this drill you can look to replicate more game realistic shooting scenarios so players can transfer their skills to the weekend game.

Soccer Shooting Drill – 4v2 To Goal

AGE: 8-11 Years
TOPIC: Shooting
DURATION: 20 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Use a penalty area with a goal or set up your grid to replicate similar dimensions for your team’s age and ability level. If players need more time on the ball a larger area is recommended, if they are comfortable receiving under pressure you can go smaller. You’ll also need two sets of pinnies and a supply of balls.


Split the players up into two teams of 5 and place them in bibs. One team should start as the defending team and one as the attacking team. The defending team should have one goalkeeper and 2 defenders lining up either side of the goalposts (4 defenders total). The attacking team should have 4 attackers in the penalty area and one server on the outside of the area with a supply of balls. 

To start the activity the server plays the ball into one of the attacking players and 1 defender from each side of the post enters the penalty area. The attacking team must make at least 3 consecutive passes before attempting to shoot and score. If the defending team wins the ball they simply clear it out of play and the server plays in another ball. Play for a designated amount of time and then have the teams switch roles. Whoever scores the most goals wins the game!


Add some smaller gates outside the penalty area for the defending team to attack if they win the ball back.

Coaching Points

  • Good decision making from players on when to pass & when to shoot.
  • Attacking team of 4 should maintain diamond shape so they have depth and width at all times.
  • Players should look to shoot early (as early as possible after the 3 passes) and often.
  • Encourage players to take a positive first touch out from their feet that sets up a good shot on goal.
  • Attacking players should follow up shots in case of rebounds.


Depending on the number of players you have available you can adapt and use this activity so it is 5v3 in the penalty area instead of 4v2.