Soccer Drill - Attitude To Shooting

Attitude To Shooting

In this fast-paced and frenetic small-sided game, players work on their first touch and developing a positive attitude to shooting and taking chances.

Drill: Attitude To Shooting

AGE: 11+ Years
TOPIC: Shooting
SUB TOPIC: Attacking Play
DURATION: 20 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 30×20-yard grid with a goal at each side as shown in the diagram. If you don’t have full-size goals, use tall cones, flags, or whatever you have available. Mark out a halfway line in the center of the grid so you have two equal (15×20) halves. Have a supply of balls available behind each goal to help facilitate quick restarts.

Split the players into two teams of 7 and put them in separate colored bibs. Arrange each team as follows:

  • 1 Goalkeeper.
  • 4 Players in the defensive half of the field.
  • 2 Players in the attacking half of the field.


Each team defends one goal and tries to score in the other. Play is directional, with both teams competing for possession of the ball and trying to score on their opponent. However, players are not allowed to leave the half of the field that they have been assigned to. This essentially means both teams are ‘numbers up’ in their own defensive half of the field and ‘numbers down’ in their attacking half.

If a ball goes out of play at any point, the goalkeeper for the non-offending team plays a new ball back in. Play for a designated amount of time or until a certain amount of goals are scored.


For more advanced players, progress to a two-touch limit every time a player receives the ball.

Coaching Points

  • The defensive group of 4 should maintain a diamond shape in their half of the field to help them maintain possession of the ball against the two attackers.
  • Players should look to receive the ball with their hips open to enable them to pass or shoot quickly with their second touch. 
  • The two players in the attacking half of the field should follow up all shots in case of rebounds.
  • Players should use a variety of shooting techniques to try and beat the goalkeeper.


You can play this game with 12 players by placing only 3 defenders in each half of the field instead of 4.