Soccer Small Sided Game

Goals Galore | Small Sided Game

In this exciting small-sided game, players get to practice their turning and shooting skills. They will also learn to spread out, keep their head up, and pass the ball to their open teammates whilst scoring goals galore!

Small Sided Game – Goals Galore

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 30×30 yard grid using small cones. Next, create 4 goals with tall cones; one on each side of the square. Split players up into 3 teams of 4. Be sure to have a supply of balls available next to each goal for quick restarts.


Designate one team to start as the goalkeepers, with one player tending to each goal. The other two teams compete for possession of the ball and can score in any of the four goals. If the ball goes out of play at any point the team that did not touch it last can restart play with a kick in. If a goal is scored the defending goalkeeper restarts play by rolling the ball into the team that didn’t score. 

Play for 4 minutes and then switch roles so another team can act as the goalkeepers. After 4 more minutes rotate again with the third team now being the goalkeepers. 

Each team should keep track of their goals from all three games and the team that scores the most overall wins!


Using the same setup, inform the players that a team must score in all four goals consecutively to win the game!

Coaching Points

  • Utilize the whole space and spread out as a team.
  • Use tricks, feints, and turns to surprise your opponent and create opportunities to shoot.
  • If one goal is defended well, turn quickly and attack another.
  • If you can’t score can you pass to a teammate who can?