Effective Soccer Transition Drills

Soccer Transition Drills
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Check out these effective soccer transition drills that you can use in your next training session. Learning how to transition is incredibly important for players. In order to be able to quickly and effectively switch from defense to attack and vice-versa, players need lots of practice. Below you’ll find all our drills for coaching players about transitions and switching the play.

Transition Drills

Soccer Transition Drill

3 Team Rotation To Goal

In this fast and exciting transition game, teams take turns attacking and defending a large goal. This activity has all the elements of a regular soccer game and can be used for players of all abilities aged 9-18. Related: Transition…
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Soccer Transition Game

6v3 Transition Game

In this fast-paced & continuous 6v3 game, players work on quick transitions, passing and receiving, and combining to score! 6v3 Transition Game Set Up The Drill Set up a 30×20-yard grid using small cones and mark out a halfway line…
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Soccer Drill - Hornet's Nest

Hornet’s Nest

In this fun rondo-style activity, players work on passing and possession whilst developing their spatial awareness. The game can also be used as a warm-up for switching the play and transition sessions with older players. Hornet’s Nest Drill Set Up…
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