2v2 Soccer Drill

Turn And Shoot

In this 2v2 turning game, players get the opportunity to practice receiving the ball under pressure with their back to goal before executing their favorite turn to beat their opponent and score!

Turn And Shoot – Turning Drill

Set Up The Drill

For every 6 players, set up a 15×25 yard grid using small cones. Create a 6-yard goal on one side of the grid using tall cones.  Repeat to accommodate all players. Have a supply of approximately 6 balls per grid.


Split the players up into groups of six. Within each group further divide the players up into teams of two. Two of the teams play a 2v2 game in the middle of the grid with one team defending the goal and one team attacking it. The remaining two players split up with one player designated as the server at one end of the grid and one player designated as the goalkeeper.

Before the game begins each of the defenders should choose an attacker to ‘mark’ by standing behind them. The server then plays a ball into one of the attackers who receives the ball with their back to the defender who is marking them.

The defender cannot intercept the pass but once the attacker takes their first touch the game starts and the normal soccer rules apply. The attackers should try and turn, combine and shoot whilst the defenders try to stop them and clear the ball out of the grid. After a goal is scored or the ball is cleared by the defenders the sequence begins again with the server playing another ball in. Play for a designated time before everyone switches roles. Whichever team of two scores the most goals when attacking; wins!


Have the server throw the ball in so the attackers have to receive in the air before turning and trying to score.

Coaching Points

  • Initial shielding technique when holding off the defender.
  • Can the player use their favorite turn to beat the defender whilst keeping their body in between the defender and the ball?
  • Once an attacker has turned their defender they should accelerate away or quickly try and combine with their teammate to score.


Make sure play is unopposed until the attacker takes their first touch so all players get an opportunity to receive with their back to a defender before trying to turn with the ball. Demonstrate with players how they might use their bodies to hold the defender off whilst receiving the initial pass from the server!