Soccer Shooting Drill

Bermuda Triangle | Shooting Drill

This unique small-sided shooting game is competitive and provides plenty of shooting opportunities for your players whilst improving their decision-making skills, passing and receiving, and even switching the play.

Bermuda Triangle – Soccer Shooting Drill

AGE: 8-11 Years
TOPIC: Shooting
SUB TOPIC: Passing And Receiving
DURATION: 20 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Set up an 8x8x8 yard triangle using tall cones. Each side of the triangle is a separate goal. On the outside of the triangle set up a 40×40 yard grid using small cones. You’ll need two sets of bibs and a ball.


Select two players to be the goalkeepers for the game. Both goalkeepers have to defend the 3 goals between them.  Split the rest of the players up into two teams and place them in bibs. To start the activity one of the goalkeepers punts the ball out or the coach plays a ball into the grid. Both teams compete for possession of the ball and try to score in any of the 3 goals that are defended by the 2 goalkeepers. 

Players are not allowed to run through the triangle but if a goal is scored and the ball re-enters play on a different side of the triangle play continues. Goalkeepers are neutral and should punt the ball in the air randomly upon receiving it or making a save. Play for a designated amount of time and whoever scores the most goals; wins.


To win the game teams must now score in each of the 3 goals consecutively.

Coaching Points

  • Good decision-making from players on when to pass & when to shoot.
  • Team should look to switch the play to a different side of the triangle quickly to surprise their opponents and the goalkeepers.
  • Players should utilize different shooting techniques depending on where they are on the field.


To increase the speed of play you can put a touch limitation on the players or make the field smaller.