soccer shooting drill

Battleships | Shooting Drill

Based on the all-time classic board game this shooting warm-up activity is always a hit with players as they fine-tune their shooting technique whilst destroying each other’s battleships!

Battleships – Soccer Shooting Drill

AGE: 8-11 and 12+ Years
TOPIC: Shooting
DURATION: 15 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

You will need to set up a number of battleship game fields. Each field should consist of up two 10×5 yard grids (battleships) approximately 15 yards away from each other. Use small cones to set up the grids or whatever you have available. Make sure you have enough battleship game fields to accommodate all players.


Split the players up into teams of 2 or 3 depending on numbers. Next, on each game field place two teams with one team standing on each of the battleships facing their opponents. To start the game 1 team has the ball on their battleship.

Each of their players must touch the ball before they ‘shoot it’ across to the other team’s battleship. If the shot hits their opponent’s ship AND successfully exits it they get a point. If the team ‘defending’ the shot receives the incoming ball AND prevents it from exiting they do not. Teams alternate shooting at each other’s battleships and whoever scores the most points at the end of the game; wins. All shots must be below waist height.


Depending on the players’ ability you can also work on volleys or half volleys for this game with teammates serving the ball to each other or themselves.

Coaching Points

Coaches should emphasize that the vast majority of goals are scored in the bottom corners so drive the ball low and hard towards the battleships. Players should also remember the ABC’s of Shooting with power and from distance;

  • Approach the ball at an angle, use a ‘set up’ touch with the outside of kicking foot to set the pass up.
  • Balance; Standing foot should be next to the ball (approximately a ball’s width away). Balance should be forward and over the ball and players should push their body weight through the ball as they strike.
  • Contact; Players’ toes should be pointing towards the ground & they should use their laces to strike the center of the ball, following through towards the receiver.