7v7 Soccer Drill

7v7+1 | Attacking In Wide Areas

This highly enjoyable conditioned game works on attacking in wide areas and maintaining possession of the ball in order to create chances.

7v7+1 | Attacking In Wide Areas

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 40×50-yard grid using small cones. Place two small pug goals at each end of the grid in opposite corners (4 total). If you don’t have pug-size goals, use tall cones, flags, or whatever you have available. In the very center of the grid, mark out a 5×5-yard box. Have a supply of balls available to help facilitate quick restarts. You’ll also need two sets of different colored bibs and another single bib for the neutral player.


Designate one player to start as the neutral player and have them stand in the 5×5-yard central box. Next, split the players into two teams of 7 and put them in separate colored bibs. Play is directional, with both teams competing for possession of the ball, attacking one set of goals and defending another. To score a point, a team must first make a pass to the neutral player before trying to score in either of the two goals they are attacking. Play throw in’s from the side.


Limit the Neutral player to one or two touches within the central box.

Coaching Points

  • Maintain team shape and have players in both wide and central areas so you can attack on either wing.
  • Move the ball quickly to create space to find a good pass to the neutral player.
  • Recognize numbers up situations and when to attack the nearest goal vs when to switch the play.
  • Use of quick combination play in wide areas to create chances to score.


With younger players or fewer numbers, you can play the same game with two teams of 4 plus one neutral player (adjust field size accordingly).