Soccer Shooting Drill

Goalie Wars | 1v1 Shooting Drill

In this simple yet fast and exciting 1v1 game that players love, players try to score against their opponent, then try to save their opponent’s shot, before trying to score again. And again. And again. It’s goalie wars!

1v1 Soccer Shooting Drill – Goalie Wars

AGE: 8-11 Years
TOPIC: Shooting
SUB TOPIC: Goalkeeping
DURATION: 20 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 24×10 yard grid using small cones. Using tall cones or poles place two goals on either side of the grid as you would in a regular game. Repeat the setup so you have enough to accommodate 1 grid for every two players. If you don’t have goals available use tall cones or poles. You’ll need enough balls for 1 between 2 but it will be helpful if you have more to help facilitate quick restarts.


Split the players up into pairs and put them in a grid each to play a 1v1 game. Players should begin at opposite ends of the grid and take turns trying to score on each other. Each player must remain in their own half of the field (so they can only score from distance). Play for a designated amount of time. Whoever scores the most goals wins.


Limit the players to 3 touches every time they receive the ball; 1 touch to try and save the shot, 1 touch to reset the ball, and 1 touch to shoot!

Coaching Points

Players should remember the ABC’s of Shooting with power and from distance;

  • Approach the ball at an angle, use a ‘set up’ touch with the outside of kicking foot to set the pass up.
  • Balance; Standing foot should be next to the ball (approximately a ball’s width away). Balance should be forward and over the ball and players should push their body weight through the ball as they strike.
  • Contact; Players toes should be pointing towards the ground & they should use their laces to strike the center of the ball, following through towards the receiver.


Give each grid a name or number and play a ladder game with the winning players moving up a field and the losing players moving down a field. Whoever wins the final game on the championship field is the winner!