Soccer Shooting Drill

Lightning Soccer Game

The lighting soccer game is a super fun soccer drill for practicing shooting and everybody’s favorite shooting game to play at practice. In this drill, players will practice shooting at speed and reacting to the outcome of the shot. Read on to learn how to play the lightning soccer game.

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Lighting Soccer Game

AGE: 9-12 Years
TOPIC: Shooting/Striking From A Distance
DURATION: 15 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

To play the lightning soccer game, you need a large soccer goal if you have one, or you can make a goal with poles, flags, or whatever you have available. Have one player start in goal with all the other players lined up approximately 18 yards away from the goal. For more advanced or older players feel free to have them line up further away from the goal to make the drill more difficult. The coach (or a designated player) should stand next to the goal with a supply of balls to feed the balls to the players throughout the drill.


The coach plays the ball to the first person in line who must then shoot with their first touch. What happens next depends on the outcome of that shot.

The player who scored joins the back of the line.
The Goalkeeper is eliminated from the game and stands behind the goal.
The next person in line becomes the goalkeeper.
The next person in line after that takes the next shot.

The Goalkeeper is still in the game and joins the back of the line.
The player who shot the ball becomes the next goalkeeper.
The next person in line takes the next shot to try and eliminate the new goalkeeper.

Once a player is eliminated they must stand behind the goal and help collect the balls for the coach. If they manage to catch one of the missed shots before it hits the ground they can rejoin the game by shouting ‘lightning’ and joining the back of the line. The last player in the game wins.


To make the drill more challenging, have players only use their weak foot to shoot on goal. You can also repeat the drill further away from the goal with more advanced players.

Coaching Points

  • Think Quick; be aware of what’s going around you!
  • Try and approach the ball at an angle so you can strike the ball cleanly.
  • For more power strike the ball with your laces or use the inside of your foot to try and pass the ball into the net.
  • Keep your balance forward and over the ball as you strike it.
  • Once you become the goalkeeper get in goal as quickly as you can and turn and face the play.

Top Tip:

Players, especially kids, love this game and will ask to play it every practice. It’s important the game is played at speed for maximum enjoyment! When first playing it with your team keep the players on point and remind them:
Miss = You’re in goal!
Goal = Person behind is in goal!