1v1 Soccer Drill

Attack And Score

In this realistic 1v1 shooting drill, players must work their way around a defender to try and get a shot on goal and score! This activity helps develop dribbling skills, shooting skills, defending skills. and goalkeeping skills.

Attack And Score – 1v1 Shooting Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 10×24 yard lane divided up into three 10×8 yard grids as shown in the diagram. Next, create a goal at the end of the lane using tall cones or poles. Repeat the setup so you have enough lanes for the whole group with each lane accommodating 4-5 players. Have a supply of balls ready.


Split the players up into groups of 4 or 5 with one group working in each lane. Designate one player as the initial goalkeeper and one player as the initial defender (starting in the central grid). The remaining 2-3 players line up at the end of the lane facing the defender and the goalkeeper. Give each of these remaining players a ball each. 

To start the activity, the first person in line dribbles at the first defender. They should try to dribble around the defender and score a goal past the goalkeeper. They can shoot from distance or if they make it into the goalkeeper’s grid, they can try and score without any pressure from the defender (The defender must stay in the central grid at this point).

Once the attack is over (i.e. a goal is scored, the goalkeeper gets the ball or the ball goes out of play) all players rotate positions. So, the attacker becomes the next defender, the defender becomes the next goalkeeper, and the goalkeeper retrieves the ball and joins the back of the line.

The next player at the front of the line then makes the next attempt to score. Play for a designated amount of time and the player that scores the most goals in that time is the winner.


Play the same game but with players attacking in pairs and trying to beat the defender and score in a 2v1 situation! Following the conclusion of the attack, the attacker should become the next goalkeeper and defender.

Coaching Points

  • Decision making as to whether to beat the defender or try to shoot from distance; try to keep your opponent guessing.
  • When shooting from distance; Can you execute good finishing technique under pressure from a defender?
  • Use of feints tricks and changes of speed to fool your opponent.


After the first game, place all the top scorers together in a lane and all the low scorers together in another. This will give everyone a better chance of success whilst pushing the stronger players to be more competitive. To make it even more fun, tell them one competition is the Champions League and one is the Europa League!