Passing Drill - 3v3 To Target Players

3v3 To Target Players

In this high-scoring possession game, players get to work on their passing and receiving skills as they look to score points by making a direct pass to their target player.

3v3 To Target Players | Passing Drill

AGE: 7+ Years
TOPIC: Passing And Receiving
DURATION: 15 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 25×25-yard grid using small cones. At each end of the grid, cone out a 3-yard end zone so the full dimension is 25 x 31 yards. Split the players up into two equal teams. For the purpose of this activity description, the teams will be red and yellow. Place one red player in one end zone and one yellow player in the other. These are the ‘target players.’


This is a directional game in which teams compete for possession of the ball. To score a point, a team must play a pass to their target player in the end zone. The target player can move from side to side (in the end zone) in order to receive the pass, but they must not enter the field of play. Once a point has been scored, the team that concedes restarts play with a kick-in from their own defensive line. Play for a designated amount of time and then switch out the target players. Whoever scores the most points, wins!


 Once a player scores, they immediately switch places with their target player.

Coaching Points

  • Spread out on the field to create multiple passing options for the player on the ball.
  • Be clear and visible to the person on the ball when supporting them in possession (create a ‘green highway’ on the field!).
  • Look before you receive and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Try to receive with an open body shape so you can play the ball forward quickly if that option is available.


You can play this game with 2v2 to Targets (6 players total), or 4v4 to targets (10 players total) as well! If you have an odd number of players, the coach can act as one of the targets!