Soccer Passing Drills

Fun And Effective Soccer Passing Drills

Check out these fun and effective soccer passing drills and games. Soccer is a team sport, and passing the ball to a teammate is often one of the best ways to beat an opponent. This is why coaches often spend so much time teaching how to pass the ball in soccer and why coaches need lots of different soccer passing drills to help players master this very important skill. Below, you’ll find many free soccer passing drills you can use in your coaching sessions.

Fun Soccer Passing Drills

Here are all of our soccer passing drills you can use in your next coaching session. These are all suitable for kids, but you can easily adapt these drills to play with older players. Each drill comes with a free PDF, so you can easily take the instructions with you to practice.

Small Sided Soccer Game

The Four Goal Game | Small Sided Game

In this small-sided game drill, players will compete in small teams to score in one of four goals. Players will be encouraged to move into space and remain visible and open to support their teammates, and to focus on their team’s shape to create positive angles of support. This small-sided game is great for kids and teenagers, but can also be easily adapted for use with older players.
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