Soccer Shooting Drill

Numbers Shooting Drill | 2v2 Soccer Shooting Drill

Players love the competitive element of this shooting game in which everyone gets a chance to compete and shoot as well as cheer on their teammates to victory!

2v2 Soccer Shooting Drill – Numbers Shooting

AGE: 8-11 Years
TOPIC: Shooting
SUB TOPIC: Dribbling
DURATION: 20 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 24×20 yard grid using small cones. Using tall cones or poles create two goals and place them on either side of the grid as you would in a regular game. On the sideline place a further two cones for the players on each team to line up behind. On the opposite sideline have a supply of balls ready to kick onto the field of play at the appropriate time.


Split the players up into two teams and have each team line up behind the cones that you placed on the sideline as described above. Next number the players on each team 1-6, making sure that everyone remembers their designated number. To start the activity the coach kicks a ball into play & calls out two numbers.

The appropriate players from each team run onto the field of play through the goal that they have been assigned to defend to play a 2v2 game against each other. The first number called out by the coach must act as a goalkeeper and the second number called out by the coach plays outfield.

Play continues until the ball leaves the field or a goal is scored. The coach then calls out two new numbers and the game continues. Play for a designated amount of time or until a certain amount of goals have been scored.


Call out 3 numbers at once and play 2v2 + GK’s!

Coaching Points

  • Players should work hard to get to the ball first and shoot as soon as they have the opportunity.
  • Players should follow their shots in and be prepared for rebounds.
  • When closer to the goal players should prioritize accuracy over power.


Have the players come up with a team name and award points for the loudest cheering team on the sideline!