Shooting Drill

Multi-Ball Shooting Drill

In this fast and exciting small-sided game, players get to choose which ball they use to re-enter the field, catch their opponents unaware, and score, score, score!

Small Sided Drill – Multi-Ball Shooting

AGE: 8-11 Years
TOPIC: Shooting
SUB TOPIC: Turning With The Ball
DURATION: 20 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 35×25 yard grid using small cones. Place two goals on either side of the field as you would in a regular game. If you don’t have goals available use tall cones or poles. You will also need pinnies in 2 different colors and a large supply of soccer balls (at least 12). Spread the balls equidistantly around the perimeter of the field as shown in the diagram.


Split the players up into two even teams. This is a regular soccer game with regular rules except whenever the ball leaves play or a goal is scored the non offending team can choose to restart the game by dribbling or kicking in any of the balls on the perimeter of the field. Only 1 ball should be allowed on the field at any one time. If the players bring 2 balls onto the field, a free kick is awarded to the opposing team. The game continues until all the balls on the perimeter have been used. Whichever team scores the most goals; wins!


Players can only bring a new ball into play by executing a turn move designated by the coach (e.g. the hook turn).

Coaching Points

  • Players should evaluate which ball to bring into the field of play next and why they are doing so.
  • Use of correct shooting techniques in different situations.
  • Teams should transition quickly on both offense and defense.
  • Good execution of turn moves (both to re-enter the field and during regular play).


To make the game last longer and improve players’ vision and awareness continue to re-add balls to the perimeter of the field as the teams are competing.