2v1 To Goal

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2v1 Soccer Drill

In this simple 2v1 soccer drill players get plenty of opportunities to shoot and make basic tactical decisions as they outnumber their opponent. Adding a counter goal for the defender also encourages maintaining possession of the ball after successfully winning it.

2v1 To Goal

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 30×25 yard grid using small cones. Place a large soccer goal on one side of the field (if you have one) and a small soccer goal, or pug goal, on the other. If you don’t have access to goals, simply use cones or poles to create them. Have a supply of balls ready to help facilitate quick re-starts. You’ll also need two sets of bibs in different colors (one for each team). For the purpose of this description, the teams are red and blue.


The blue team starts as the attacking team and the red team starts as the defending team. Split the blue team into two groups and have them line up on opposite sides of the field as shown in the diagram. The red team should select one player to start as the goalkeeper and the rest line up on the halfway line, outside of the field. Place all of the balls next to the red team.

To begin, the first player in line for the red team passes the ball to a blue team player at the front of one of the lines (left or right side). The two blues then attack the large goal and try and score. The red player who made the pass defends the large goal and tries to stop them. If the red player wins the ball back he/she can attack the small goal. Once the ball goes out of play, or a goal is scored, the process is repeated with the next players in line. Play for 5 minutes and then switch roles. Whichever team scores the most goals wins.


Play the same game but with 3v2’s.

Coaching Points

  • Good decision-making from attackers on when to pass, dribble or shoot.
  • Can the 2nd attacker move away from the 1st attacker to make life harder for the 1 defender?
  • Can the 2nd attacker time their runs so as not to be in an offside position?
  • When shooting, encourage players to make a positive first touch out from their feet so they can strike on balance.


You can vary this activity by having the red team line up and make the initial pass from different areas of the field. This will change the angle of defensive pressure and give the attackers different problems to solve!