Soccer Passing Drill

You Pass, We Score | Passing Drill

In this thrilling small-sided game, one team works on passing and receiving under pressure while their opponents look to press as a unit and try to score. This passing drill is appropriate for players of all ages and levels.

You Pass, We Score | Passing Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 20×30-yard grid using small cones. Place a full-size goal at each end of the grid. If you don’t have full-size goals, use tall cones, flags, or whatever you have available. Have a supply of balls available by the coach to help facilitate quick restarts. You’ll also need two sets of different colored bibs.

Designate two players to start as goalkeepers, one in each goal. Next, split the players into two teams of 4 and put them in separate colored bibs. For the purpose of this activity description, the teams will be red and blue.


The red team starts in the grid with the goalkeepers, and the blue team starts outside the grid. The activity begins when the coach plays a ball into the red team. They must, along with the goalkeepers, try and keep possession of the ball. As the first ball is played in, one blue defender runs onto the field and tries to win the ball before scoring in either of the two goals. Every 30 seconds, an additional blue team defender runs onto the field until all of the blue team is on the field. Once all blue team players are on the field, the game continues for another 2 minutes before the coach calls time. If a ball leaves play at any point, the coach immediately plays a new one into the red team, and play continues.

Points are scored in the following ways:

  • The red team gets 1 point for every five consecutive passes (without a blue team interception).
  • The blue team gets 1 point if they force the red team to kick it out of play (as long as it touches a red player last).
  • The blue team gets 2 points if they score on either of the goals.

Once the coach calls time, the two teams switch roles and the game is repeated. Whichever team scores the most points by the end of the game is the winner.


Instead of introducing the defenders in 30-second increments, have all the defenders start on the field at the same time. This works especially well for more advanced players who are comfortable on the ball.


You can use this fun game to focus on general passing and possession play or pressing as a unit and trying to score.

Coaching Points

Passing And Possession

  • Spread out and look to create triangles and diamonds in possession.
  • Look before you receive the ball (be sure to scan and evaluate your options).
  • Use the goalkeepers to help maintain possession of the ball and keep your numerical advantage.

Pressing As A Unit And Scoring Goals (Advanced/Older Players)

  • Stay connected, press as a unit, and look to cut off passing lanes.
  • Look for visual cues (e.g., an under-hit pass, a poor touch, etc.) to initiate higher pressure.
  • Once possession is won, attack one of the goals as quickly as possible.