Soccer Transition Game

6v3 Transition Game

In this fast-paced & continuous 6v3 game, players work on quick transitions, passing and receiving, and combining to score!

6v3 Transition Game

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 30×20-yard grid using small cones and mark out a halfway line splitting the grid into two, as shown. Next, place four pug goals on the halfway line, with 2 facing each side of the grid (see diagram). Split the players into two equal teams and put them in bibs. For the purpose of this description, the two teams will be red and blue. Have a supply of balls ready to help facilitate quick restarts.


Place the red team on one side of the grid and the blue team on the other. Pass a ball to the red team to start the activity. To score a point, the red team must first make five consecutive passes and then they can try and score in either of the two pug goals that are facing them. The blue team sends three defenders over to their opponent’s side of the grid and tries to win the ball back. If they are successful, they can transfer the ball back to their side, where they must make five consecutive passes (against three red defenders who transition over) before they themselves can score. 

If a team scores a goal, the coach plays a new ball into them & they attempt to make another five passes before scoring again. If a player kicks a ball out of the grid, play is restarted with a kick-in by the non-offending team. Play for a designated amount of time or until a certain score is reached.


By increasing or decreasing the number of defenders that a team sends over, you can make the drill harder or easier for the team in possession.

Coaching Points

  • Quick transitions in both defense and offense.
  • Find your shape quickly when you regain possession of the ball and create good angles and distances of support (can you create triangles and diamonds within your side of the grid?).
  • When supporting the player on the ball, remain clear and visible so they can find an easy pass.
  • Take the first touch away from pressure whenever possible.
  • After five passes, look to score as quickly as possible in either of the two goals.