Soccer Shooting Drill

Fast Shooting Drill

Like our popular Lightning Shooting Drill, this soccer drill is another fun soccer shooting drill to practice shooting at speed.

Shooting Drill – Fast Shooting

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 10-yard goal in the center of your field using tall cones, flags, or poles. Place another tall cone 12 yards away from the goal on either side. Split the players up into two teams and have each team line up behind the cones with a ball each. Let’s call the teams ‘Team A’ and ‘Team B’ for now, but you can give them names of famous soccer teams, players or let the kids choose their own team name. The first player from ‘Team A’ starts in the goal (acting as a goalkeeper) facing the first player from ‘Team B’.


Starting with the first player in line from ‘Team B’  the two teams alternate taking shots at goal by using two touches; the first to take the ball around the cone in front of them and the second to shoot on goal. Following each shot, two things should happen:

  1. The person who struck the ball sprints towards the goal to act as the goalkeeper against their opponent’s subsequent shot.
  2. The person who acted as a goalkeeper retrieves the ball that was shot at him/her and joins the back of their own team line.

This first team to score 10 goals is the winner.

Coaching Points

  • Use your first touch to take the ball around the cone so you can approach at an angle as you strike the ball!
  • Look up before shooting; pick the biggest space and put the ball there!
  • Make sure you react quickly after your shot and get into the goal as quickly as possible.
  • For more power try striking the ball with your laces.
  • For more accuracy try striking the ball with the inside of your foot.
  • Keep your balance over the ball when shooting so you can further control the direction of the shot.