Soccer Shooting Drill

Finishing Under Pressure | Shooting Drill

In this simple soccer shooting drill, players get multiple opportunities to practice shooting and finishing under pressure from a defender. This drill emulates the pressure players will be under in a real game and encourages players to use multiple techniques to do the most important thing in the game, score!

Shooting Drill – Finishing Under Pressure

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 30×20 yard grid using small cones. Use 2 full-size goals, placing one on each side of the grid. If you do not have goals available use tall cones or poles to create the goals. In the center of the grid, place two tall cones approximately 10 yards apart as shown in the diagram above.  Have a supply of balls ready and available.


Designate two players to be goalkeepers and split the remaining players up so roughly half are lined up behind each of the center cones. One line should have a ball each and the other line should not. The first person in line with a ball starts the activity by passing the ball across to the first person in the opposite line.

That person receives the ball and can now attack either of the two goals. The person who originally passed the ball tries to stop their opponent by winning the ball off them. If they manage to do that they can also try and shoot in any of the goals. Once the ball goes out of play or a goal is scored the next game begins with the following players in line. At the conclusion of each game, players should join the opposite line to the one they were previously in.


Play the same game but with 2v2’s.

Coaching Points

  • Can you execute a good finishing technique under pressure from a defender?
  • Get your head up before you shoot and decide what technique you are going to use to score.
  • Find the biggest spot in the goal and put the ball there!
  • Use feints tricks and turns to fool your opponent.

Top Tip:

Award extra points for players who score with an elaborate finish such as a chip shot, or nutmegging the goalkeeper!