Soccer Drills-Small Sided Games

Fun Small-Sided Soccer Games For Youth Soccer

There are many great benefits of playing small-sided soccer games at practice. Due to the fact that there are only a few players on each team, small-sided games allow players to get more touches of the ball which gives them more opportunity to develop their individual skills and their skills of working as a team. Small-sided games also guarantee more participation which makes for a more fun and enjoyable experience for the players.

Below, you’ll find many fun small-sided soccer games that you can play while coaching youth soccer. All these games are suitable for kids and teenagers, but can easily be adapted and used with older players. First, let’s take a look at what exactly small-sided games are.

What Are Small Sided Soccer Games?

Small-sided soccer games are practice games with few players on each team. They take place in a smaller area compared to a normal soccer game. The small space and few players enable coaches to focus on particular skills while giving all players ample opportunity to participate.

Fun Small Sided Soccer Games For Youth Soccer

Here are all our small-sided soccer drills that you can use in your coaching sessions. You can download a printable PDF of these drills and take them to practice, and as always, these are completely FREE.

Small Sided Soccer Game

The Four Goal Game | Small Sided Game

In this small-sided game drill, players will compete in small teams to score in one of four goals. Players will be encouraged to move into space and remain visible and open to support their teammates, and to focus on their team’s shape to create positive angles of support. This small-sided game is great for kids and teenagers, but can also be easily adapted for use with older players.
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