Soccer Passing Drill

World Cup Passing | Passing Drill

In this basic but fun passing drill, players get to go against their opponent in a series of 1v1 competitions and try to work their way up to the World Cup Final!

World Cup Passing Drill

Set Up The Drill

Place 2 small cones directly opposite each other approximately 20 yards apart. Directly between those two cones place another small target cone on the ground and balance a ball on top of it. Repeat the set up so you have enough to accommodate one line of cones for every 2 players as per the image above. Have enough additional balls ready for 1 ball between 2.


Split the players up into pairs and give them 1 ball between two. Each player stands behind one of the outer cones facing the central cone with a ball on top. Players take it in turns passing their ball from distance to try and knock the ball off the target cone. Every time they manage to do that they get a point before  putting the ball back on top of the target cone. Play for 2 minutes and  then introduce a ladder system; in which the winner moves up one field and the loser moves down one field before playing again.


Every time a player hits the target cone they must take one step back and make the pass over a longer distance.

Coaching Points

Focus on the ABC of passing, encouraging the players to focus on one element at a time in each different round.

  • Approach the ball at an angle (use a set up touch to help with this).
  • Balance; Players standing foot should be next to the ball and their balance should be forward as they make the pass.
  • Contact; Hit the center of the ball with the inside of your foot.

Coaching Points

Name each of the fields after a famous soccer competition to add a bit of glamour. For example; The MLS, The Premier League, The Champions League. Name the highest field ‘The World Cup’ challenging the players to win the ultimate soccer competition!