Soccer Passing Drill

Starwars Game | Fun Passing Drill For Kids

This fun passing drill for kids is a fun game based around a ‘Starwars’ theme. Players will compete in teams as Jedi’s and Sith Lords while passing the ball and trying to eliminate their opponents. This drill is super fun and a great activity to use to practice passing or just as a fun warm-up drill. Let’s take a look at how to set up the drill.

Passing Drill For Kids – Starwars Game

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 25×25 yard grid and split the players up into two teams. One team will be ‘The Jedi Knights’ and one team will be ‘The Sith Lords’. Give each of the Jedi’s a ball and ask players to line up with their teams on opposite corners of the grid.


Upon the coach’s call, every player from each team should enter the grid simultaneously. The Jedi Knights must eliminate each of the Sith Lords by passing the soccer ball and hitting them below the knee. The Sith Lords must try and avoid the soccer balls being passed at them by running, jumping, dodging, and changing direction.

Once a Sith Lord has been hit s/he retreats to the outside of the square, returning to their corner of the grid. The coach should time how long it takes for the Jedi Knights to eliminate each of their opponents. Next, the teams should switch roles. The Jedis become the Sith Lords, and the Sith Lords become Jedis. Play the game again, and the team with the best time overall wins the game!


Have one player start as a Jedi and all the other players as Sith Lords. Once a player is hit they must join the light side and become a Jedi Knight, retrieving their own ball and trying to eliminate the remaining players. The last Sith Lord to be hit by a ball is the winner and crowned Lord Darth Vadar!

Coaching Points

Let the players know the following coaching points to keep in mind while playing this game:

  • Keep your head up as you are dribbling the ball so you can see the movement of your opponents.
  • Approach the ball at an angle so you can step into the pass.
  • Keep your balance forward and your body weight over the ball as you pass to help maintain control.
  • Pass using the inside of your foot, connecting with the center of the ball.

Top Tip:

Make sure players keep the ball on the ground and only look to hit their opponents below the knee! This is such a fun game that children get over-excited and often kick the ball in the air. To discourage this tell all the players that if anyone kicks the ball and it hits someone above the waist they are automatically eliminated from that round!