Small Sided Soccer Game

The Four Goal Game | Small Sided Game

In this small-sided game drill, players will compete in small teams to score in one of four goals. Players will be encouraged to move into space and remain visible and open to support their teammates, and to focus on their team’s shape to create positive angles of support. This small-sided game is great for kids and teenagers, but can also be easily adapted for use with older players.

Small Sided Game – The Four Goal Game

Set Up The Drill

Mark off a 25×35 yard grid with 4 small goals, two goals on one side and two on the other side. For the goals, you can use pug goals or tall/small cones, or whatever you have on hand. Split the players into two teams of 3 or 4. If you have enough players to play two games simultaneously go ahead and build two grids. Alternatively use rotating subs or teams to accommodate more players. Use 1 ball per grid.


The teams will compete for possession of the ball. Play is directional with each team attacking one set of goals and defending another. To score a point, players must pass or dribble through one of the gates that they are attacking. Play for a predetermined amount of time or to reach a certain amount of goals.


After a team scores on one goal, they must score on the other before both goals become available to attack again.

Coaching Points

Encourage the attacking team to have good team shape on the ball. In a team of 4, one defender two midfielders, and an attacker can create a diamond shape providing depth and width in an attack. In addition to this, encourage players to;

  • keep their heads up and look for the open goal to attack.
  • keep good Passing and communication throughout.
  • create positive angles of support so they can be clear, visible, and in open space.
  • get goal side when they lose the ball and make it difficult for their opponents to get behind them and score in the closest goal.