Soccer Passing Drill

Jackpot | Passing Drill

In this basic but fun passing drill, players get to race against their opponents and practice passing with accuracy in an effort to hit the ‘Jackpot!’

Jackpot – Passing Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 16×16 yard diamond with tall cones. In the center of the diamond place a small cone on the ground with a ball on top. Next place 1 ball behind each of the tall cones on the outside of the diamond.


Split the players up into 4 teams and have them line up behind each of the tall cones on the outside of the diamond. Upon coaches call the first player from each line runs anti-clockwise around the diamond. When they return to their teams each player should take a setup touch to move the ball from behind their cone and make a pass in an effort to knock the central ball off its cone. If any of the players manage to do it, they shout ‘Jackpot’ and win a point for their team. Repeat with the next player in each line. Play until a team scores a certain amount of points or for a designated amount of time.


Play is now continuous. As soon as the first player in line returns to their cone and makes a pass the next player in line runs around the diamond straight away so they can quickly have their turn. If anyone gets the Jackpot, that player or the coach must place the back on the central cone immediately. Play until a team scores 5 points and is declared the winner.

Coaching Points

Focus on the ABC of passing, encouraging the players to focus on one element at a time in each different round:

  • Approach the ball at an angle (use a set up touch to help with this).
  • Balance; Players standing foot should be next to the ball and their balance should be forward as they make the pass.
  • Contact; Hit the center of the ball with the inside of your foot.


You can also help develop some fundamental movement and motor skills in this activity by having players run backward, skip, hop or jump around the diamond before they make their pass.