Pep Guardiola Rondo Drill

Pep Guardiola’s Favorite Rondo | 4v4+3

Pep Guardiola’s Rondo Drills are fantastic for passing, receiving, and ball control. Not only that, players love them too. The drill below is one of Pep Guardiola’s favorite Rondo activities and is a great passing and possession game for players aged 10 and older.

4v4+3 | Pep Guardiola’s Rondo Drill

Set Up The Drill

Mark off an 18×25-yard grid with small cones. Select three neutral players. One stands on one end line, one on the other, and the third starts in the middle of the grid. Split the remaining players into two teams of 4 and place them in different colored pinnies (red and blue in the diagram above). Have a selection of balls ready to help facilitate quick restarts. 


The coach begins the drill by playing a ball onto the field of play. The red and blue teams compete for possession, using the neutral players to help them (essentially creating a 7v4). If either of the teams makes five passes in a row, they get a point, and play continues. Neutral players always play for the team in possession, and their passes are included in the total count. If the ball goes out, the non-offending team or one of the neutral players restarts play by kicking the ball in. Play for 10 minutes, switch out the neutral players, and repeat.


  1. Limit the neutral players to one or two touches when they receive the ball.
  2. Make the grid size smaller to increase the difficulty of the drill.

Coaching Points

  • Team shape in possession is important. Players should create two diamonds to give depth and width throughout the grid (see diagram).
  • Players should look to play with an open body shape at all times so they can move the ball in multiple directions.
  • When defending, teams should look to pressure the ball collectively and hunt as a pack.
  • Teams should look to transition quickly between their offensive and defensive shape when gaining or losing possession of the ball.