Passing Drill

Goals Goals Goals | 4v4 Game

In this fun 4v4 shooting game players get the opportunity to pass and receive, switch the play, play in goal and most importantly of all; shoot! By increasing the number of goals available for players to shoot at the coach gives more repetition and more chances of success for all their players.

4v4 Soccer Game – Goals Goals Goals

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 30×30 yard grid using small cones. Create four 6 yard goals using tall cones; 2 on either side of the grid. You will also need pinnies in 3 different colors and a supply of soccer balls to help facilitate quick restarts.


Split the players up into three teams of four. Designate one team as the initial goalkeepers and have each player stand in one goal each. The two remaining teams compete for possession of the ball. Play is directional with each team attacking one set of goals and defending another. Players can score in either of the goals they are attacking at any time. If the ball goes out of play, the coach should restart the game by playing a ball into the non-offending team. After 5 minutes switch the team of goalkeepers out and repeat the game. Once all 3 teams have taken their turn as goalkeepers the game is over. The team that scored the most goals overall is the winner!


Once a team has scored in one goal they must score in the other goal they are attacking and then continue to alternate for the rest of the game.

Coaching Points

  • Each team should spread out and utilize the whole space as much as possible.
  • Players should shoot early and often.
  • Teams should switch the play to create additional goalscoring opportunities whenever they get the chance.


If you have more than 12 players try playing with some neutrals or have one player referee the game!