Soccer Passing Drill

Passing Through The Gate | Passing Drill

In this fun passing drill for kids, players will practice passing the ball through gates to their teammate to score points. After playing one time, this drill becomes more fun with the introduction of ‘gate defenders’ and ‘goalkeepers’ who try and block the players successfully passing the ball through the gate. This passing drill is suitable for kids, but can be easily adapted and used with older players.

Passing Drill – Pass Through The Gate

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 25×25 yard grid. Next, use tall cones to create a series of 2×2 yard gates placed randomly throughout the space. Finally, make a 3×3 yard triangle in the middle using poles or more tall cones. Split the players up into pairs and give each pair of players one ball.


All pairs of players should begin on the inside of the grid so ask them to each team find their own space within it. Teams score points by making a successful pass through a gate or the triangle to their teammate. Players may not pass through the same gate or through the triangle twice in a row. In addition after each pass through a gate, each team must complete a pass through the triangle in the center. Play for 90 seconds, take a 30-second break, then go again. The team with the most points at the end of each round wins that round!


Make the gates a little larger. Have one or two teams act as goalkeepers (able to use their hands to stop the ball) or gate defenders (can only use their feet to stop the ball). The defending players move from gate to gate blocking as many passes as possible. Meanwhile, the other pairs continue to try and score as many points as possible by making passes through the gates and the triangle as outlined above.

Coaching Points

  • Have good communication with your partner (use visual and verbal communication to get to your next gate quickly.
  • Positive movement after every pass (don’t stand still).
  • Keep your head up and look for ‘open gates’.
  • Move as fast as you can with the ball without losing control.

Top Tip: The ABC Of Passing

To help younger players remember how to pass the ball correctly they just need to know their ABCs; Angle, Balance, Contact.

1st Touch creates an Angle for them to step into the pass with their hips open. Their Balance should be forward and leaning over the ball to help maintain control and generate powerful Contact. Players should pass the ball using the inside of their foot, striking the center of the ball.