Rondo Passing Drill

Rondo Competition | Passing Drill

In this twist on the classic 4v2 rondo, players work in teams to score points adding an extra edge to this highly functional warm-up activity.

Rondo Passing Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up two 12×15 yard grids using small cones. Have a supply of balls ready on the outside of the grids to facilitate quick restarts You will also need bibs in three separate colors; one color for each of the teams.


Split the players up into 3 teams of 4 and put them in bibs. Designate one of the teams as the first ‘defending team’. Place the other two teams in a grid each and give 1 ball to each team. Upon the coaches call the defending team sends two defenders into each grid and they play a 4v2 possession game.

The attacking team gets a point for making 4 passes consecutively and the defending team gets a point for an interception in which they can place the sole of their foot on their ball. Play 3 3-minute games, switching out the defending team after each one so everyone gets a chance to defend. Whichever team accumulates the most points over the 3 games wins.


Limit the attacking team players to 2 or 3 touches every time they receive the ball.

Coaching Points

  • The attacking team should maintain a diamond shape in the grid to help provide depth and width at all times.
  • Players should use quick side steps to improve angles of support.
  • Players should receive the ball with an open body position.
  • Players should keep their heads up and constantly scan the field.


You can make this game easier by making the grids larger or harder by making them smaller.