4v2 Passing Drill

Switching The Play | 4v2 Drill

In this fast-paced and competitive rondo game, players work on their short and long-range passing as well as their vision and awareness.

Switching The Play | 4v2 Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 40×20 yard grid using small cones. The grid should be further divided up into 3 zones as shown in the diagram; two zones that are 12×20 yards on either side and a central zone that is 16×20 yards in the middle. You will need 3 sets of different color pinnies and a supply of balls.


Split the players up into 3 teams of 4 and put them in pinnies. Designate two of the teams as the first ‘attacking teams’ and one of the teams as the first ‘defending team’. Place 1 team of attackers in each of the end zones with the team of defenders waiting outside of the central zone at the halfway point (two players on each side).

To start the activity 1 team of attackers begins with a ball and the defending team sends in two defenders into their zone to try and win possession. The attacking team must make at least 4 consecutive passes before trying to ‘switch’ the ball to the opposite zone. Upon completion of the switch, the 2 defenders run back to halfway point with the other two defenders running into the opposite box to begin the sequence again.

If one of the attacking team players accidentally kicks the ball out of their own grid or makes an unsuccessful switch of play they immediately become the defensive team with the current defending team taking their place.


Place the two waiting players on the halfway line within the central zone. They can now move side to side and block any potential switch of play.

Coaching Points

  • Within your group of 4 maintain a diamond shape in your zone to provide depth and width at all times.
  • Look to switch early and often.
  • Use of first touch to set up a lofted or driven pass.
  • Correct technique of lofted and driven passes.
  • Decision making as to whether to use the lofted or the driven pass based on where all the defenders are.


By having a supply of balls ready you can facilitate quick restarts whenever the ball goes out of play by playing a new ball into the appropriate team.