Soccer Passing Drill

Multi-Ball Passing And Receiving

In this dynamic passing warm-up drill, players get plenty of touches on the ball whilst practicing their passing and receiving skills as well as vision, awareness, and decision making.

Multi-Ball Passing And Receiving Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 30×30 yard grid using small cones. Have 5 -6 balls ready for the drill. You will also need bibs in two separate colors; one color for each half of the group.


Split the players up into 2 even groups and put them in bibs. All players start in the grid with 5-6 balls between them. All players pass and move using all the balls simultaneously. The only stipulations are that a player cannot pass to someone in the same color as the bib which they are wearing and once a player passes one ball they should check away and look to receive a different one.


Work through some of the following progressions in two-minute increments; 

  • All passes must be a minimum of 10 yards.
  • Players must complete a turn after receiving each pass.
  • Players can only take two touches or three touches when receiving the ball.

Coaching Points

  • Move the ball quickly, don’t let it get stuck under your feet.
  • Keep your head up and be aware of who you are passing too and who you move towards to create an angle of support (i.e make sure it’s the correct colour).
  • Good Communication throughout.
  • Be realistic and play at game speed.


Challenge the players to receive and make as many passes as possible within each progression to make this activity even more dynamic. Award 1 point for successfully receiving a ball and 1 point for successfully completing a pass.