2v2 Soccer Drill

2v2 plus 2 | 2v2 Soccer Drill

This 2v2 Drill is a fun soccer drill that can be used as a warm-up to practice combination play.

2v2 Soccer Drill – 2v2 Plus 2

AGE: 8+ Years
TOPIC: Combination Play / Warm Up
DURATION: 20 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Mark off a 16 by 20 yard grid with 4 small goals. Two on one side of the grid and two on the other. You can use pug goals or tall cones for the goals. Select two players as neutral players and have them stand in between each of the two small goals (one on each side). Split the remaining players up into two equal teams and have them line up in 4 groups on the outside of the grid as shown in the diagram. Have a selection of balls ready to help facilitate quick restarts.


The coach begins the drill by playing a ball onto the field of play. The first two people from each team enter to play a 2v2 (+ 2 Neutrals) game . The neutral players must stay off the field but can move from side to side in between the two goals. They can be used as support players and play for the team in possession of the ball. As soon as a goal is scored the 4 players leave the field and 4 new players come on. If the ball leaves the grid at any point play restarts with a kick in by the non-offending team. Play first to 5 or 10 goals and then switch out the neutral players.


Limit the neutral players to one-touch only.

Coaching Points

  • Play the ball quickly and look to get behind your opponents to score at all times.
  • Keep the ball moving and use the neutral players to help you possess the ball and create chances.
  • Encourage the players to make positive 3rd person runs after passing to a neutral player.
  • Be creative in your movement off your ball (can you use give and go’s and overlapping runs to beat the defense?)


For more regular rotations switch out the 4 players every time a goal is scored and whenever the ball leaves the grid.