4v4 Transition Drill

Transition Game To Goal: 4v4 +4

In this exciting and competitive small-sided game, players work on their speed of play, creating and scoring goals and making quick offensive and defensive transitions.

4v4 +4 Transition Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 30 x 40-yard grid using small cones. Place a full-size goal at each end of the grid. If you don’t have full-size goals, use tall cones, flags, or whatever you have available. Have a supply of balls available in each goal to help facilitate quick restarts. You’ll also need three sets of different colored bibs.

Designate two players to start as goalkeepers, one in each goal. Next, split the players into three teams of 4 and put them in separate colored bibs. For the purpose of this activity description, the teams will be yellow, green, and red.


The green and yellow teams start inside the grid, defending and attacking one goal each as they would in a regular game. The red team starts outside the grid (2 players on each side) as neutral ‘bumper players’. They play the ball back to whichever team gives them the ball, assisting them in their efforts to try and score.

As soon as one team scores, they immediately get a new ball, switch sides, and then attack in the opposite direction. The team that conceded the goal leaves the field and becomes the new bumper players (the two on each side). The bumper players run onto the field to defend the goal that the scoring team is now attacking. Play is continuous, and the team with the most amount of goals at the end wins.


Limit the bumper players to one or two touches on the sidelines.

Coaching Points

  • Encourage the attackers to spread out in possession.
  • Quick Transitions and awareness from all three teams.
  • Players should look to combine quickly to create space for each other to shoot.
  • Utilization of different shooting techniques from different angles to try and beat the goalkeeper.


With younger players or fewer players, you can play the same game with three teams of 2 + 2 goalkeepers.