Fun Warm Up Soccer Drill For Kids

Zombie Tag

This soccer drill is a fun warm up soccer drill for kids. Players will run around the inside of a grid while trying to avoid being hit by the ‘Zombies’. Kids really love playing this game and it’s a great way to start your training session and get players warmed up.

Warm Up Drill For Kids: Zombie Tag

Set Up The Drill

To set up the drill, first make a 20×20 grid using small cones. Next, choose 3 players to be the first ‘Zombies’. Give each Zombie a soccer ball and place them outside of the grid. The remaining players should stand inside the grid. Now the game can begin.


The aim of the game is for the ‘zombies’ to turn the players inside the grid into zombies. To do this, the zombies will kick their soccer ball into the grid and try to hit the players in the middle. The players in the middle should run around and try to avoid being hit by the ball. If a player is hit by the ball, that player then becomes a zombie and joins the other zombies on the outside of grid. The last player in the middle is the winner.

TIP: If playing this game with young kids, consider using a softer soccer ball to ensure players do not get injured. Also, you may want to tell the zombies that they are only allowed to kick the ball along the ground.

Coaching Points

This fun warm up drill is also a great opportunity to coach the kids how to accurately pass the ball along the ground and how to move into space. Be sure to explain the following coaching points before starting the drill.

  • Players in the middle should keep their heads up and be aware of other players around them.
  • Zombies should use the inside of their foot to accurately kick the ball along the ground.