Soccer Dribbling Drill

Stuck In The Mud | Dribbling Drill

In this fun warm-up game for kids, players will practice their dribbling and turning skills whilst trying to not get caught by the ‘Mud Monsters’!

Dribbling Drill – Stuck In The Mud

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 20×20 yard grid using small cones. Have enough balls for 1 ball per player. Have a supply of pinnies for the designated ‘Mud Monsters’.


Select two designated players to start as the ‘Mud Monsters’. They should start on the outside of the grid next to the coach without a ball. Give each of the mud monsters a bib and ask them to put it on. All other players should start within the grid with a ball each. 

Upon the coach’s call, the designated ‘Mud Monsters’ enter the grid to try and catch all the other players by tapping them on the shoulder, arm, or back. Once a player is tagged that player must pick their ball and hold it above their head and stand with their legs shoulder-width apart. That player can only start playing again if another player dribbles up and kicks the ball between their legs to free them. Time how long it takes for the Mud Monsters to catch everyone and then play the game again with another pair of Mud Monsters. If the Mud Monsters are struggling to catch everyone simply stop the game after some time and award them points for how many people they have caught at the end.


Designate half the players as Mud Monsters with the other half inside the grid with a ball each. Instead of tagging the players the Mud Monsters must now try and kick everyone’s balls outside of the grid. If that happens a player should bring it back in and hold it above their head as described above until they are freed by a teammate. Time how long it takes for the Mud Monsters to catch everyone and have the players switch roles. The group with the best time wins!

Coaching Points

  • Use of turns, such as the inside hook, outside hook and drag backs to get away from the Mud Monsters.
  • Dribble quickly but keep the ball close to you and under control.
  • Keep your head up to try and stay outside of the mud monsters line of sight.

Top Tip:

To make the game even more fun have the players scream for help once they are caught by the Mud Monsters by shouting ‘Help, help I’m stuck in the mud!’.