Cuts In Soccer

Cuts In Soccer | Inside And Outside Cuts

Like the drag back turn, inside and outside cuts are two fundamental soccer moves that players need to master before moving on to more complex dribbling skills. Teaching inside cuts and outside cuts is a great starting point for coaches who are teaching young children that are new to the game. In this post, we will explain what a cut in soccer is, how to do an inside cut and an outside cut, and we will share some fun and effective drills to practice cut turns with kids.

What Is A Cut In Soccer?

A cut is a dribbling move in which a player would make a sharp change of direction with the ball to evade a tackle and get behind the opponent. Cuts are used when running forward with the ball to beat defenders. There are two types of cuts, an inside cut and an outside cut. As the name suggests, an inside cut uses the inside of the foot to ‘cut’ the ball, and an outside cut uses the outside of the foot.

How To Do An Inside Cut?

To do an inside cut you should use the inside of your foot (or inside of your big toe) to change the direction of the ball.  With the inside cut you are cutting the ball across your body rather than away from it. To execute an inside cut, start by dribbling the ball forward keeping the ball at your feet. As you approach the defender, use the inside of your kicking foot to cut the ball across your body, changing direction whilst maintaining forward momentum. 

How To Do An Outside Cut?

To do an outside cut you use the outside of your foot (or outside of your little toe) to change the direction of the ball sharply whilst running at speed. Start by dribbling the ball forward keeping the ball close to your feet. As you approach the defender, bring your kicking foot behind the ball moving it from outside to in. The outside of your foot should now be in a position to cut the ball sharply away from your body and around the defender whilst accelerating away.

Coaching Points

When teaching players how to do inside and outside cuts, encourage players to:

  • Start off slowly to get more comfortable with the ball.
  • Then, work on cutting and changing direction at higher pace and with more control.
  • Use a slightly bigger touch to cut the ball and change direction to help accelerate away from a defender.
  • Keep their knees bent when dribbling in and try and push off from your standing foot as they cut.

Drills To Practice Inside And Outside Cuts

There are lots of fun soccer drills to practice inside and outside cuts with kids and beginner players. Here are some of our favorites:

The inside and outside cuts are two of the most fundamental soccer moves a player can master. The more comfortable a player becomes with these moves the easier it is to learn the more difficult moves such as the scissors and The Matthews. So practicing the inside and outside cut is a great place to start for any young or aspiring player!