Robin Hood Soccer Drill

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a classic soccer drill for practicing dribbling and performing drag backs. In this fun soccer dribbling drill for kids, players are ‘Robin Hood’ and they must steal the balls from the ‘rich’ and give them to the ‘poor’ (their team).

Dribbling Drill: Robin Hood

Set Up The Drill

To set up the drill, make a 20×20 meter grid. Then, divide the players into four teams and have them line up at the 4 corners of the grid. Next, place many soccer balls in the middle of the grid. Now the game can begin.


Tell the players that they are ‘Robin Hood’ and the balls in the middle of the grid belong to the ‘rich’. Their job is to steal the balls from the rich and return them to their team. When the coach shouts ‘Go!’, the first player from each team should sprint to balls in the middle, perform a drag back on one of the balls, and then dribble the ball back to their team. Next, the players should high five the next player who should then sprint to retrieve the next ball. When there are no balls left in the middle, the team with the most balls is the winner.

Coaching Points

To help players get the most from this drill, explain the following coaching points to them:

  • Players should look at the ball and keep their heads up and be aware of their surroundings.
  • Players should slow down as they approach the ball and speed up after performing the turn.
  • Players should encourage and cheer on their team mates.


This dribbling drill is also a great opportunity to practice other turns. Once you have completed one game with drag backs, repeat the drill first with outside hooks and then with inside hooks.