King Of The Ring Drill

King Of The Ring

This dribbling drill is a fun game to practice dribbling and turning with the ball. It’s ideal for kids aged 8+ and teenagers. This drill should last around 10 minutes. Players will dribble a ball inside a 20×20 meter grid while trying to kick out other players’ balls. Next, players will run around the grid with a bib tucked into their shorts and they must retain their bib while trying to capture other players’ bibs. And finally, players will dribble a ball around a grid with a bib tucked into their shorts as well. Players must try to retain their ball and their bib other wise they are out. Let’s take a look at how to set this drill up in more detail.

Dribbling Drill: King Of The Ring

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 20×20 meter grid using cones to mark the corners. Next, give each player a ball and ask them to spread out within the grid. Now the drill is ready to begin.


To start the game, tell players that they must dribble the ball around the inside of the grid. As they do, players should try to kick out the other players’ balls while retaining their own. If their ball goes outside the grid, they are out. Continue until there is only one player left in the grid. This player is the ‘King of the ring.’.

TIP: If the game is lasting too long, make the grid smaller and smaller to make it more difficult for players to keep their ball in the grid.

Coaching Points

Tell the players the following coaching points to help them successfully keep their ball within the grid.

  • Spacing is key! Keep your head up and be aware of what is around you.
  • Use turns, hooks, drag backs, etc, to escape pressure.
  • Keep body in between ball and the player trying to take the ball.

Progression 1:

Once a ‘King of the ring’ has won the first round, start again but this time remove all the soccer balls. Provide each player with a bib to tuck into their shorts. In this round, players must try to steal other people’s bibs while retaining their own. Once a player loses their bib, they are out. The one player left at the end is the ‘King of the ring.’

Progression 2:

In this final round, provide a ball and bib to each player. This time, players should try to retain both their soccer ball and their bib while trying to kick out others’ balls and steal their bibs. If a player loses their bib or their ball, they are out. The last player is the ‘King of the ring.’.