soccer Warm Up dribbling drill

Dribbling Moves | Warm Up Drill

In this soccer warm-up drill, players will practice dribbling and executing cuts while navigating a circuit. This dribbling drill is great to use as a warm up drill when focusing a training session on dribbling and dribbling skill moves. If you would like to download a PDF of the drill, check the bottom of the page. Let’s take a look at how to set up the drill.

Dribbling Moves Drill

Set Up The Drill

Using 8 tall cones, place 4 cones in the center in a small diamond shape roughly 1x1x1x1 yards in size. Place each of the 4 outer cones 10 yards from the center so each of the outer cones faces one of the cones in the middle. Line the players up so there are 2-3 players on each outer cone, with every player having one ball.


Upon hearing the coaches whistle, the first player in each line should dribble to the central cone in front of them, execute an inside cut with their right foot and then accelerate to the left to the next outer cone. Once they reach the cone, the player then dribbles around it using small touches and aligns themselves for the next run to a central cone.

The next  player in each line should wait until the person in front of them has reached the central cone and executed an inside cut before following the same sequence. Have the players work for two minutes working their way around the circuit and then have them repeat using the left foot in the opposite direction.


Upon completion you can now have the players work through any number of the following variations based on player ability (each for approximately two minutes).

  1. Repeat the same circuit using Outside Cuts at the central cones. First with the right (for two minutes) and then the left foot (for two minutes).
  2. Repeat the same circuit using ‘the Matthews‘ at the central cones. First exploding to the right and then to the left.
  3. Repeat the same circuit using ‘the scissors’ at the central cones. First exploding to the right and then to the left.

Top Tip

After the players have practiced the moves have them do a team race around the circuit. The first team to get all players back to their original cone wins!

Coaching Points

Demonstrate the skills/moves before each circuit. Check out our essential skills guides for tips. Throughout the drill, encourage players to:

  • Accelerate after each cut.
  • Keep their heads up.
  • Take a touch, take a look.
  • ‘Push’ the ball, don’t kick.
  • Keep balance forward to maintain control of the ball.