1v1 Soccer Drill

1V1 Madness

In this highly energetic and competitive 1v1 game, players attack 3 goals and defend 3 goals. This activity also gives lots of touches on the ball, offers decision-making opportunities for players, and supports individual vision and awareness as players compete simultaneously in the same area.

1v1 Madness – 1v1 Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 35×25 yard grid using small cones. Next, add 3 small goals on either end of the grid. The goals should be approximately 2 yards in length. Use tall cones to make the goals or use pug goals if you have them. You’ll need at least enough balls for one between every two players.


Split the players up into pairs and give one ball to each pair. All players should start at the same time with each pair competing for possession of the ball that has been given to them. Within each pair, one player defends the goals on one side of the field whilst the second player defends the goals on the other. Players compete for two minutes within their pairs trying to outscore their opponent. 

If at any point the ball goes out of bounds, the ball is turned over to the non-offending player who dribbles the ball in to continue the game. After two minutes players should switch their partners and go again.


Play the same game but in groups of 4 (2v2).

Coaching Points

  • Players should keep their heads up and be aware of their opponents, the space behind their opponents, and the positioning of the other players in the grid.
  • Once a player beats an opponent they should accelerate and work hard to turn their advantage into a goal.
  • Players should use feints, tricks, and turns to try and put their opponents off balance.


This is an intense game that takes a lot of energy. To keep interest in the game, award players 3 match points for every 2 minute 1v1 game that they win. The player with the most match points at the end wins!