Turning With The Ball-Dribbling Drill

Turning With The Ball

This soccer dribbling drill is great to practice dribbling and turning with the ball. It’s ideal for kids and low level players, but can be easily adapted for more skilled players. This dribbling drill should last approximately 15 minutes. Players should dribble around inside a grid while avoiding the other players. The players will practice dribbling with both feet, with their left foot, and with their right foot. Players will also learn techniques to turn with the ball including drag backs, inside hooks, and outside hooks.

Dribbling Drill: Turning With The Ball

Set Up The Drill

To set up the drill, create a square grid using cones. The size of the grid will depend on the number of players and their ability. With lower ability players, make a larger grid and with higher skilled players, make a smaller grid to make the drill more challenging. Next, ask the players to enter the grid and spread out. Then, give one soccer ball to each player. Now the drill can begin.

Start The Drill

To start the drill, instruct the players that they must dribble the ball around inside the grid while avoiding the other players. The drill will progress through 3 stages.

  1. First, players may use both feet to dribble around the grid.
  2. Second, players may only use their left foot to dribble.
  3. Third, players may only use their right foot to dribble.

Coaching Points

Throughout the drill, coach the players with the following coaching points to help them dribble and turn with the ball effectively.

  • Players should keep their heads up and be aware of other players around them.
  • Players should keep their knees relaxed and bent.
  • Players should use all parts of their feet while dribbling.
  • Players should keep their arms out for balance.

Introduce Techniques

Once players have practiced dribbling around the grid with both feet, their left foot, and their right foot, it’s time to introduce some techniques they can use to more effectively turn with the ball in a tight space. Demonstrate to players how to do drag backs, inside hooks, and outside hooks, and then have students dribble around the grid using these techniques to turn with the ball.