Soccer Turning Drill

Tom And Jerry Game | Turning Drill

This soccer turning drill for kids is a fun game based on the cartoon Tom and Jerry. This drill is great for helping young players practice their favorite turn and dribbling at speed whilst being chased by their teammates in a classic game of cat and mouse!

Tom And Jerry Game

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 20×20 yard grid using small cones. Split players up into pairs and have enough balls for one between two.


Split the players up into pairs and designate one player to be the cat (Tom) and one player to be the mouse (Jerry) in each group. Tell the players that the ball represents a big lump of smelly cheese! Next, have each ‘Tom’ stand at one side of the grid with their back to the cheese which is placed behind them. Each corresponding ‘Jerry’ should stand at the other side of the grid directly in line with their partner.

Upon the coach’s call, all the Jerry’s must sneak up on their Tom’s as quietly as they can to try and steal the cheese. Explain to the players that to do this they must put their foot on the ball whilst gently tapping Tom on the shoulder.

Once Tom is tapped on the shoulder the race begins; Jerry must roll the ball back (thus completing a drag back turn) and race back to the opposite end of the grid. Tom must try and steal the ball back before Jerry gets back to their original spot safely. Play the game 3 times before switching roles and see who can get the most wins! 


Play the same game but have players do the inside or outside hook to steal the cheese.

Coaching Points

  • Correct execution of the drag back turn, the inside hook and the outside hook.
  • Have good acceleration after the turn to escape pressure.
  • When running with the ball take bigger touches and make longer strides to try and cover the ground quickly.

Top Tip:

To manage a discrepancy in player ability, have stronger players use their weaker foot to execute the turns!