Virgil Van Dijk Drill

The Virgil Van Dijk Challenge

In this fun and active warm-up game, players get to practice their dribbling and shielding skills as they try and stop Virgil Van Dijk from stealing their ball and scoring a goal!

The Virgil Van Dijk Challenge – Warm-Up Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 20 x 15-yard grid using small cones. Have enough balls and bibs for one per player and set up 2 pug or pop-up goals back to back in the middle of the grid.


Choose one player to be the first Virgil Van Dijk, put them in a colored bib, and have them stand outside the grid by the coach.  All the other players should stand inside the grid with a ball each. Upon the coach’s call, Virgil Van Dijk runs into the grid and tries to steal people’s balls and score in one of the goals.  Once a player’s ball is in the goal, they run to the coach, quickly put a bib on and re-enter the gird as another Virgil Van Dijk.  The last player with a ball wins and starts as Virgil Van Dijk in the next game. If a player leaves the grid with their ball they are also out and become a Virgil Van Djik.


Add more goals on the side of the grid to give the Virgil Van Dijks more chances to score!

Coaching Points

  • Stay in the grid.
  • Use of feints, cuts, and turn moves to avoid the defender. 
  • When shielding the ball, keep your knees bent and your arms out to protect it.

Top Tip:

In between each game demonstrate and have the players try out certain turn moves and shielding skills that they can use next time you play!