1v1 soccer drill

In The Zone | 1v1 Drill

In this 1v1 soccer drill, attacking players must dribble past a defender to read a zone in which they can score a goal. This drill is great for coaching both attackers and defenders how to compete 1 on 1. Let’s get started.

1v1 Drill – In The Zone

Set Up The Drill

For this drill, you need two small goals or 4 tall cones to act as goal posts. Set up the 2 goals approximately 10 yards apart facing the same direction and place one cone in between them. Next, place a cone about 20 yards away from the goals. Next, place a line of small cones about 5 yards from the goals to mark out an end zone.

Divide players into two groups. One group will be the defenders and one group will be the attackers. Have the defenders line up behind the cone between the goals. Have the attackers line up behind the cone at the other end. Give each attacker a ball. Now the drill can begin.


Upon hearing the whistle, the attacking player can advance with the ball and the defending player can rush to stop the advancing player. The attacker must take the ball past the defender into the end zone. Once in the end zone, the attacking player can score in either of the two goals. The defender should aim to prevent the attacking player from entering the end zone and to gain possession of the ball.


Once each player has had a chance to compete 1v1, you can play 1v2 with two attackers or two defenders.

Coaching Points

  • Encourage the attacking player to advance at pace while maintaining control of the ball.
  • The Attacking player should pay close attention to the defenders movements. If the defender shifts left, the attacker can dribble to the right to catch the defender off balance.
  • Defenders should be careful not to over commit to prevent being caught of balance.