Halloween Soccer Games For Kids

5 Fun Halloween Soccer Games For Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for some spooky fun! Here are 5 of our favorite Halloween soccer games for kids that are sure to get your players excited about the holiday while improving their soccer skills at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for some Halloween fun on the soccer field!

Halloween Soccer Games

1. Zombies of the Apocalypse

Halloween Soccer Game

This first activity is a super fun soccer game to play on Halloween. In this game, kids will try to avoid being hit by the ball and becoming a ‘zombie’.

To set up the drill, make a 20×20-yard grid using small cones and have a supply of balls together outside the grid. Make sure you have enough balls so there is one per player. Next, choose one or two kids to be the first ‘zombies’ and place them outside the grid next to the balls. Have all other players start inside the grid without a ball. Now the game can begin.

Upon the coach’s call, the zombies enter the grid with a ball and try to hit other players with a pass below the knee. The players must try to avoid being hit by the ball by moving, jumping, and running away. If they are hit by the ball, they become another zombie. The last player to avoid becoming a zombie survives the ‘zombie apocalypse’ and is declared the winner! This player then becomes the first zombie in the next game.

Kids absolutely love playing this Halloween soccer game so don’t be surprised if your players want to play again and again at practice, even after Halloween is over!

2. Witch Hunters

Halloween Soccer Game

In this game, kids will pretend to be witches as they fly around on make-believe brooms and try to avoid being knocked off by the ‘Witch Hunters’. Sounds fun, right? Read on to see how to play this Halloween game.

First, set up a 25×25 square grid and split players up into two teams. One team will be the ‘Witches’ and one team will be the ‘Witch Hunters’. Give each of the ‘Witch Hunters’ a ball and have both teams line up with their teams on opposite corners of the grid. Now the game can begin.

Upon the coach’s first whistle, all the ‘Witches’ enter the grid and fly around on their make-believe brooms. On the coach’s second whistle, all the ‘Witch Hunters’ enter the grid while dribbling their balls. The aim of the game is for the Witch Hunters to knock the witches off their brooms by hitting them with a below-the-knee pass. If a witch is knocked off their broom (i.e. hit with the ball) they are out and must retreat to their team’s corner outside the grid.

Time how long it takes for the Witch Hunters to eliminate all the witches and then play again but with the roles reversed. The teams with the best time wins the game!

3. Escape The Haunted House

Halloween Soccer Game

In this Halloween soccer game, kids will pretend to go ‘trick or treating’ to a haunted house to get the Halloween candy. If playing this game with real pieces of candy, you might want to check that this is okay with parents first. If not, you can simply play with bibs or something else small to represent the candy.

To set up the drill, first, make three slalom circuits using small cones, as shown in the diagram above. Make sure to have 4-5 cones 1-yard apart in each line for the players to dribble through. Next, place one cone approximately 5 yards from each circuit that each team can stand behind before starting the game. Split players into three teams and have them line up behind the cones. Finally, at the end of the circuit lay a collection of bibs. These represent the ‘Halloween candy’ that the players are going to steal from the haunted house!

To begin, explain to the kids that they are going trick or treating to the most haunted house in the neighborhood as they try and get the ultimate candy stash!

To do this, each team needs to send one player at a time to dribble through the slalom, pick up one piece of candy (a bib) and bring it back to their team. As soon as a player returns with a piece of candy, the next player in line can go to retrieve another. The team with the most pieces of candy at the end wins!

4. Ghostbusters

Halloween Soccer Game

This next Halloween soccer game is an exciting tag game based on the Ghostbusters movies. The kids will pretend to be Peter Venkman as they try to catch as many ghosts as possible before they reak havoc through the city of New York!

To set up this game, make a 25×25 grid and in each corner of the grid mark off another 4×4 square. Name each of these corners after a New York landmark. For example, ‘The Empire State Building’, ‘The Statue Of Liberty’, ‘Central Park‘, and ‘Brookln Bridge‘. You’ll also need to prepare a supply of balls for the progression part of this game.

To play, first choose one player to be Peter Venkman (the Ghostbuster). All other players are the ‘ghosts’ and must go to one of the four ‘landmarks’ (corners). Explain to the kids that the Ghostbuster is trying to catch all the ghosts as they are haunting new york city and scaring all their citizens!

Upon the coach’s call, every player must leave the landmark that they are currently haunting, run across New York and head to any of the three other landmarks. Venkman chases after them and tries to tag them before they reach the safety of another landmark. If they get tagged, they become a ghostbuster with Venkman and try to tag the other remaining ghosts when they switch landmarks again.

After playing once or twice, play again but this time give every player a ball. They now must dribble the ball out across new york when they head to another landmark. If Venkman or another ghostbuster wins the ball off them or kicks it out of the grid, they must join the ghostbusting team!

5. Goblins In The Swamp

Halloween Soccer Game

The last of our favorite Halloween soccer games is based on the classic playground game, Stuck In The Mud. Players will practice dribbling and turning while trying to not get caught by the Goblins In The Swamp.

First, set up a 20×20-yard grid using small cones and choose two players to be the first ‘Goblins’. Give these two players a colored bib. The Goblins should start on the outside of the grid next to the coach without a ball. All other players are ‘frogs in the swamp’ and must start within the grid.

Upon the coach’s whistle, the Goblins enter the grid to try and gobble up all the frogs by tapping them on the shoulder, arm, or back. Once a frog is tagged, they must hold their hands above their heads with their legs shoulder-width apart. They become free if another frog gets down on all fours and runs in between their legs.

Time how long it takes for the goblins to gobble up all the frogs and then play the game again with another pair of goblins. If the goblins are struggling to catch everyone, simply play for a designated amount of time and award them points for how many frogs they have gobbled up at the end of the allotted time.

After playing one or two times, give each of the ‘frogs’ a ball. Instead of tagging the goblins try and kick all the frog’s balls outside of the grid. If a frog loses their ball, they need to retrieve it, bring it back into the gird and hold it above their head. They stay that way until another frog dribbles and kicks a ball through their legs to free them. Time how long it takes for the goblins to catch everyone before having both teams switch roles. The group with the best time wins!

More Fun Soccer Games

Thanks for reading! I hope your players have lots of fun playing these Halloween soccer games and drills. Before you go, don’t forget to check out our huge library of free soccer drills for inspiration for your next coaching session.