1 v 1 Defensive Soccer Drill

Get Goal Side | 1 v 1 Drill

This fun 1 v 1 drill is a great defensive drill to highlight the importance of getting goal side when an attacker is advancing. Players will compete 1 on 1 with one player attacking and one player defending. Let’s take a look at how to set up this drill.

1 v 1 Drill: Get Goal Side

Set Up The Drill

To set up the drill, first set up a ‘goal’ using two tall cones. Next, divide players into two groups, an attacking group and a defending group, and have them line up approximately 20 yards away from the goal. Provide each of the attacking players a ball. Now the drill can begin.


Upon hearing the whistle, the first attacker in line should advance quickly dribbling the ball towards goal. The defender should try to quickly get goal side ahead of the attacker to delay the attack. The aim of the attacker is to dribble the ball into the ‘goal’. The aim of the defender is to prevent this and gain possession of the ball.

Coaching Points

  • Attacker should use his/her shoulders and body to put off the defender.
  • If necessary, attacker should keep his/her body between the ball and defender to prevent losing possession.
  • Defender should try to apply maximum pressure without committing as attacker could exploit this and catch player off balance.