1v1 Drill

FA Cup Soccer Game

In this intense 1v1 ladder game, players will always be on the move and constantly trying to beat their opponents as they work their way up to the famous Wembley stadium to try and win the FA Cup!

FA Cup Soccer Game – 1v1 Drill

Set Up The Drill

Set up an 8×14 yard grid using small cones. Repeat to accommodate all players. For every 2 players, there should be 1 grid. For example, if you have 10 players you will need 5 grids. Have enough balls so there is one per grid and some extra available to facilitate quick restarts when needed.


First split the players up into pairs with each pair occupying a grid with one ball.  Next, number the grids 1-5 with 1 being the lowest grid and 5 being the highest. Each pair will play a 1v1 match within their grid, defending one side and attacking the other. To score a point a player must dribble over their opponent’s end line whilst maintaining possession of the ball. If the ball goes out of play at any point the non-offending player gets to dribble the ball in to restart the game.

Play for two minutes and then call time. If a player won their 1v1 match they move up a grid towards grid number 5 and if they lose they move down a grid towards grid number 1. The player that wins on grid number 5 is the reigning champion and gets to stay on that grid for the next round. The player that loses on grid number 1 has to stay there and try again to win the next game. Play a number of games with the person who wins the final game on grid number 5 being the overall winner!


Play the same game but in groups of 4 (2v2).

Coaching Points

  • Be positive; try and attack the space behind the defender.
  • Use of feints and tricks to try and beat your opponent.
  • Dribble at speed and accelerate after your move to try and get over the line.