Duck Tales Soccer Drill

Duck Tales | Soccer Warm Up Game For Kids

In this super fun warm-up game for kids, players get to run, change direction, and chase each other to catch their ‘duck tail’. This game is a great activity to use at the beginning of any soccer training session to get kids warmed up and having fun.

Duck Tales – Soccer Warm Up Game

AGE: 4-5 Years
TOPIC: Fun Warm-Up, Fundamental Movement, And Motor Skills
DURATION: 15 Minutes

Set Up The Drill

Set up a 20×20 yard grid using small cones. Prepare enough soccer balls for 1 ball per player (for later progression) and enough bibs for 1 per player.


Select one player to start as ‘Scrooge McDuck’. Scrooge McDuck should start on the outside of the grid next to the coach. All the other players start in the grid with a bib tucked into their shorts. This is their ‘duck tail’. Upon the coach’s call, Scrooge McDuck enters the grid and tries to catch all the other players by grabbing their ‘tail’ and putting it on the ground. Once a player has their tail removed they should stand on the outside of the grid with the coach. The last player with a tail is the winner and starts as Scrooge McDuck in the next game.


Give each player including Scrooge McDuck a ball. They now have to dribble their balls whilst playing the same game!

Coaching Points

  • Keep your head up to try and stay out of Scrooge Mcduck’s line of sight.
  • Change direction quickly to avoid getting caught.
  • Can you use your body to ‘duke out’ Scrooge McDuck? (i.e/pretend to go one way and then go another.)
  • Can you dribble at speed and change direction with the ball (progression only)?

Top Tip:

To make this activity even more fun, have the kids sing ‘Ducktales  – woo hoo’ at the start of the game before Scrooge McDuck is allowed to enter the grid.