Warm Up Soccer Drill

Cone Dash

This soccer drill is a great warm up drill to get your players sprinting. Players will compete against each other and race to pick up a small cone before their opponent does. This warm up drill is suitable for both kids and teenagers.

Warm Up Drill: Cone Dash

Set Up The Drill

To set up drill, make a 20×20 grid and place a cone at each corner of the grid. Next, divide the players into 4 groups and have them line up behind the four cones. Name two of the cones ‘A’ and two of the cones ‘B’. Finally, place a small cone in the center of grid. Now, the drill can begin.


The coach will shout out either ‘A’ or ‘B’, at which point the two players behind that cone will race to pick up the small cone in the center. For example, if the coach shouts out ‘A’ then the players in front of the two ‘A cones’ will race to the center. The aim of the game is for players to sprint to the center and pick up the cone before their opponent does.

TIP: If doing this warm up drill with kids, make it more fun by changing the cone names from ‘A’ and ‘B’ to something more fun. Even better, ask the kids to come up with funny names for the cones.